I can perform a service around any theme, ethnicity, ancestry or religion. Please allow 2 months to prepare your paperwork to obtain your legal marriage license. During Keri and Ben’s wedding, a dust storm arose which created white-out conditions. It was pretty awesome to see all the participants wearing scarves and masks. These photos were colorized in order to view them during the dark storm.


Relive the emotions of your wedding day. Revive your love for each other. Share your commitment and unity with your current friends. If your ceremony doesn’t need to be legal, then we do not need much advance time to prepare. In the case of Sarah and Billy, their ceremony was a reenactment of their wedding which was performed earlier in China.


Perhaps you’d like to have a special or whimsical ceremony to celebrate your first visit to the playa with your family and friends. Or perhaps you’d like to conduct a memorial at the Temple to share your gratitude and thanks for someone special that you would like to honor. Tamara and Bryan met 10 years prior but choose Burning Man as the place that they wanted to marry.


Unity Candle Ceremony

Playa Sand Ceremony